What is Pathfinder? Most often students are not sure about the program and university they want to select for their higher studies. Their selection is either based upon the selection of their peers, influence by media or following the market trend. This gradually leads to depression and high level of career dissatisfaction. Pathfinder is an expert tool designed to select the best combination of program and university based upon the area a student want to study and his or her dream career. So, no more getting influenced, select the best correct path based upon your dream career.

How to use Pathfinder? Using path finder is relatively easy:

  • Just select your area of study (course stream)
  • select your area of specialisation (sub-stream), you will get your dream career based upon the stream selected.
  • Select your dream career and it displays you the list of universities which can assist you in achieving your dream career.

  • Select your Course Stream
  • Explore the Jobs on the Stream Selected
  • Choose the University for your Dream Career
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For example if you want to become a HR Manager:

  • just select Management as your Stream
  • Select your Major as HR Management
  • Select HR Manager as your Dream Career and you will get the list of universities offering programs which offers major in HR Management.
  • Just click on any of the universities displayed to check their details and kick start your dream career with Pathfinder.